About Us

About Us

Raptor Targets is committed to providing quality shooting targets and accessories to the public. Locally designed and manufactured in Port Coquitlam, BC, we strive to create a product that meets the demands of consumers while also being innovative and of the highest quality. Our designer brings over 15 years of experience in metal fabrication, and a passion for creating unique products.

Created from high quality AR500 steel, our targets are made to withstand rounds from 100 yards away and over. Created from a high-carbon steel alloy that allows for greater impact resistance, and available in a variety of different designs and sizes. Steel targets decrease the amount of debris that is left from paper targets and allow you to practice your shot time after time. When set at the correct distance and angle, AR500 steel targets cause the bullet to land safely below where the target is positioned; Targets will not chunk off in pieces or allow the bullet to pass through.

Always be sure to practice proper safety measures. See our Safety Guide Here.

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